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MyClasses 101 Certificate Series



Full program description

This certificate is intended for anyone who will be creating a course in MyClasses. This MyClasses 101 Series Certificate consists of a series of 5 courses for course designers that provide an introduction to MyClasses from a pedagogical point of view in the context of creating and maintaining a course. The purpose is to not only introduce you to the tools available in MyClasses, but why they are useful. Awarding of the MyClasses 101 Certificate requires earning a successful certificate of completion for all 5 courses.

The courses in the MyClasses 101 Certificate series are:

  1. Terminology, Features, and Support
  2. Assignments, Assessments, and the Gradebook
  3. Course Structure and Design Strategies
  4. Developing and Locating Instructional Content
  5. Communication and Delivery Strategies