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Course Structure and Design Strategies - MyClasses 101 Series



Full course description

The MyClasses 101 Certificate consists of a series of 5 courses that provide an introduction to MyClasses from a pedagogical point of view in the context of creating and maintaining a course. The purpose is to not only introduce you to the tools available in MyClasses, but why they are useful. You can register for this individual Course Structure and Design Strategies course and move sequentially through all modules and complete all quizzes with an 80% or above to receive a course completion certificate.

You can also can register for the MyClasses 101 Series Certificate which requires the completion of all 5 courses. The courses in the MyClasses 101 Certificate series are: 1. Terminology, Features, and Support, 2. Assignments, Assessments, and the Gradebook, 3. Course Structure and Design Strategies, 4. Developing and Locating Content, and 5. Communication and Delivery Strategies.

This course focuses on decisions that may influence how you structure your MyClasses course and what features will support your course goals. At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Create a "map" of your course to help students navigate your content.
  • Determine the course menu, home page, and organization structure that suits your course needs.
  • Explain the benefit of combining courses sections.
  • Locate and import the SU Online and Hybrid course template.
  • Create a course outline using Design Tool.
  • Build, move, and duplicate pages using the rich content editor.
  • Build modules to organize course content.
  • Describe discussion strategies for student engagement.
  • Identify communication strategies to use with your students.

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