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Answering Spatial Questions with Esri software

Time limit: 365 days

$99 Enroll

Full course description

With Esri's recent introduction of ArcGIS Pro, and the eventual phasing out of ArcMap 10x, users will need to begin their own migration process to the new platform.  Also, most Esri users are only familiar with the graphical user interface (GUI) of ArcMap, and have not taken advantage of some of the other powerful analytical resources in the product line, such as Model Builder and Python.

This hands-on workshop will show you how to solve spatial problems using the ArcGIS Pro GUI, Model Builder, and Python.  And, as a bonus, you'll also learn how to leverage the brand new 3rd party add-in SQL for ArcGIS Pro.  

To help students conceptualize the tools, we will explore a single problem: analyzing access to COVID-19 vaccination centers in the State of Maryland. 

At the end of the workshop, you will not only learn how to perform the spatial tasks using the different tools available in ArcGIS Pro, but will obtain a robust understanding of the strengths and limitations of each tool in the Esri stack. This is a self-paced course to be completed within 365 days of enrollment.