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College and Career Success Academy - Fall 2021 is a Course

College and Career Success Academy - Fall 2021

Oct 2 - Nov 19, 2021


Full course description

October 2, 2021 to November 19, 2021

This academy is intended for High School Seniors.

The senior year is very demanding for high school students.  This is an extremely busy time when the students must be prepared to balance enjoying their last year of high school with preparing for their future.

The student should set clear goals and identify ways to achieve those goals.  They have to decide if they are going to attend college, enter the workforce or both.

The Salisbury University College and Career Success Academy for high school seniors will provide an opportunity for the student to engage in online and face-to-face opportunities to participate in activities that will help them navigate life on a college campus or in the workplace. 

The College and Career Success Academy will consist of 7 weeks of online guided courses and 3 on campus events.  This coursework will allow the seniors to examine:

·        Mental Health and Wellness – Coping strategies to have a healthy and safe campus experience.

·        Diversity – Considering different cultural and ethnic viewpoints and the relationships they build with others.

·        Informational Literacy – Reading and evaluating sources of information for college and work.

·        Writing and Research – Academic integrity and identifying plagiarism with academic paper submissions and work correspondence.

·        Professional Competencies – Exploring personal strengths and how they help in college or on the job.

·        Social Presence and Digital Footprints – Considering how what we post on social media may affect our academic experience or career success.  Using social media to build a professional network.

The face-to-face events will offer the seniors the opportunity to:

·        Sit in on college classes.

·        Tour the campus.

·        Speak with staff from Career Services, Financial Aid, Admissions, Cultural Affairs, Academic Advising, Housing and other on campus groups.

The College and Career Success Academy – Fall 2021, will be taught by instructors that will provide guidance, support and feedback for the students.  Seniors that complete the course will receive a digital badge that will be added to their professional profile to show their competency in the course areas.

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