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Lightboard Training



Full course description

Faculty and staff can produce videos using the Lightboard for the “flipped” classroom, for online and hybrid courses or for other teaching and research initiatives. The Lightboard is located off of the Faculty Development Studio in the Academic Commons, room 221A.

How does it work?
Similar to a whiteboard, faculty can provide instruction by writing on the glass with neon or fluorescent markers – similar to a chalkboard or whiteboard. The Lightboard is made of high-quality Sapphire glass which is illuminated to display highly visible notes, sketches and equations. A camera is strategically placed to capture the instructor as they are facing the viewer. Software such as Camtasia and Panopto will allow the video to be captured and shared with the students.

About this training:

This self-paced training allows a participant to explore:
  • What a lightboard is and how to use it
  • How the lightboard room is setup
  • What equipment and software is available to use with the lightboard
  • The basics of recording a lightboard video
Individuals who successfully complete the course will be able to reserve and have card access to Academic Commons (AC) room 221A.

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