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Introduction to Open Source GIS: QGIS Desktop is a Course

Introduction to Open Source GIS: QGIS Desktop

Started Mar 14, 2020


Full course description

This course is part of an entire curriculum based on Free and Open Source GIS (FOSS4g) software, and represents one of the most comprehensive curriculum on FOSS4g.  The curriculum are grouped into the categories of DesktopServer, and Developer parts of the FOSS4g stack.  For this course, you will learn the most popular open source desktop GIS: QGIS.  We'll start with a basic understanding of QGIS, and move on to more sophisticated uses of the software.  

This course uses real data from Tompkins County, New York, and seamlessly integrates with other gisadvisor courses that will teach you Postgres/PostGIS, GDAL, Geoserver, and Python.  You'll be working alongside me as we explore the functionality of QGIS, working with raster, vector, and attribute data.  And most importantly, after you learn the basics of QGIS, we'll simulate some real-world examples of GIS projects and spatial analysis.

As we all work through the difficulties of the COVID-19 virus, I trust that this course will prepare you to work with the ins-and-outs of QGIS, give you confidence as you interact with other GIS experts, and enrich your college experience.

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