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IDIS 205-151: The Future of Food - Spring 2023

Ended Jun 7, 2023

Full course description

IDIS 205 - 151 one credit, pass/fail

Changing Climate/Changing World: The Future of Food

Meets Mondays 7-8:30 p.m. Led by Professor Michael Lewis from SU’s Department of Environmental Studies. This class has a different guest lecturer each week, with each lecture this spring offering a different perspective on how we might think about the future of agriculture and food, given our changing climate and changing world.  This is an interdisciplinary course - we will hear from professors from across the campus, from philosophy to sociology, and beyond!  This intellectual feast is for students interested in any major (in fact, it's a good way to be introduced to faculty from several majors at SU), and lectures are open to the public. The course is pass/fail and encourages academic exploration.

For registered students, the course is pass/fail to encourage academic exploration. Lectures also are free and open to the public.